can’t you fuck my wife WHILE we’re married?

it evolves…it’s in megaform now

isn’t it 12 hours past your bed time you mega-slut

if I’m following u here and I’m not following ur main on my main you better message me so i can beat that ass up pronto

his stupid fucking nose

  • cazadongs: WOULD RONI do a SEXY lady cop role-play with tom
  • askfourdoomedsinners: no
  • cazadongs: NOOOOO but i have a funny thing
  • askfourdoomedsinners: WHAt
  • cazadongs: where she grabs his dick and says ‘whats this? a suspicious PACKAgE?’ and he says ‘thats not mine, I’m holding it for someone’
  • cazadongs: and then she gets mad cause he’s bad at role-play
  • askfourdoomedsinners: fuck tom

sorryi dint have time to darw you a birthday presend katie but if its any consolation I still have that theo dakimakura on my wall

sai not working