i want a character that always wears a hat and then when they take it off every once in a blue moon they look really really cute 

askfourdoomedsinners asked:
Song for me

Freak by Estelle
either bon or ron maybe both togethrer

it’s been stuck in my head since 50 years ago

Anonymous asked:
To which Lirim nearly drops the steak. Nearly, he rescued it. "Jesus, you're forward."

four-finger-fillet asked:
Did you hear about the lady who had random orgasms because she had maggots in her vag? She put mayo because she didn't have any lube and they just started growing. Completely true story.

the lesson here is never wash your vergerge 

Anonymous asked:
i'm someone who's too embarrassed to admit i really really enjoy the stuff you draw. I'm also the 'bara harem' anon who wants to fuck tom. ahaha

it must be because i draw really gross dicks and maggots
tom christ loves you, child

Anonymous asked:
did you ever draw tom fucking the female centaur. i've been waiting to see that.


blue17-05berry asked:
i wanna song for blep

Dream a Little Dream of Me performed by Mama Cass
its the closest i could get without it being another fuckin studio killers song (in tokyo by the way or maybe jenny or eros and apollo. yeah all of them )))

send me a character and i’ll tell you what song they remind me of

Anonymous asked:
draw porn

necro porn? or the regular kind