someone unfollowed me cause they didn’t win

alittlebatchofchems replied to your post:YOU’RE ALL WINNERS IN MY HEART

((WHOOAAA I’M SO HYPED, I NEVER WIN SHIT?? DAng… Thanks a lot for the opportunity, though, wow! I’ll hit you up later when it’s not ass-o’-clock, otherwise you can just message me whenever you’re ready to talk details. 8) ))



Just kidding a lot of you lost. But I probably already draw you stuff anyway so no sweat, right?

Anyways, the winners of my shitty GIVEAWAY:


#38: alittlebatchofchems CONGRATS, ya fuck!

Second Place:

#52: lavenderpie I LOVE YOU SARAH

And Third Place:

#14: pistachiozombie You ALSO get a prize

Also, I promised 5 runners-up that they’d get a piece of crap paper doodle (like a bust or waist). And those winners ARE:

#29: peacelovepastablog
#45: doctor-cthwholhu
#49: ballsyfelix
#26: friendlynextdoorraiders
#10: four-finger-fillet

This should come up on your dash, but if you don’t contact me first, I’ll be sure to bombard you with inappropriosity.
I hope one of you was that anon-hate person! Come on down and contact me with WHAT you WANT.

Anonymous asked:
I'm not going to stop following you because you're a good artist, and you post good stuff. But your rapid fire drunk text posts are exhausting.

i love you too my child
tom christ be with you

ask-fallout-frank replied to your post:I’m starting to regret following you. You shitpost like a 12 year old.

that old lady looks weirdly like tom

i was actually gonna draw tom raging at a computer and trolling me but I’m tired so i googled old ladies

Anonymous asked:
I wanna talk to you but I'm too shy to. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

why? i suck

cmon pleeeeease ugh send me another one! that last anon UGH PLEASE TELL ME WHAT ELSE SUCKS ABOUT ME

four-finger-fillet replied to your post:I’m starting to regret following you. You shitpost like a 12 year old.

//he mad

mad at how much they love me

please send MORE MEAN ANONS!!!!