I like the green one too, it’s like a nice snot/goose shit color.

i’ve never heard anyone use goose shit to describe green before

Ed Edd n Eddy had freaky tongues you can totally pull it off

yeah bbbhh

remember that time skitty drew tom with a gross blue tongue 

imma draw him like that sometimes when i feel cartoony or necro-y

the orange tongue is a reallY GOOD TOUCH i like that. i’m gonna include that in every tom i draw. also that cake looks surprisingly delicious for being vomited out of tom’s disgusting mouth

i wanted it to be  green but thats too stupid only my furries have green mouths

and yeah thats a delicious looking cake but it’s actually dirt and cotton with shards of colorful glass for sprinkles

i don’t want to turn into an old fool tomorrow i have a pretty sexy age with a zero at the end 

now i have 112 drafts

golookatmyotherblog asked:
BTW I realized there's a prank call recording that would fit Tom perfectly but it's in Hungarian and I can't find a subtitled version and I don't have the time to make one right now! GRAAH

a hungarian tom

give me the general deets

I’ll be back in like 7 hours send me nice and or sexy messages in the meantime please

also I have a post in my drafts for that “other characters in fallout thing” but it’s too long and I can’t put it under a cut cause I’m on mobile BOO

everyone shower me with gifts because I’m a princess